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  1. Ten Ways to Torture your Sister, by the Zyduck family

    January 8, 2012 by Little Bro


    These boys have the right attitude.  Every boy should have a good attitude when torturing sister.  Key to a good attitude is a long list of tortures to use when tormenting your sister. my favorites are torture 3, 5 and 9.


  2. My Favorite way of making Sister MAD

    January 8, 2012 by Little Bro

    I love to see my sister get angry, this is not my sister, she get's much angrier.

    Five easy steps to professionally hiding your sisters phone.  I love to steal her phone and hide it under her own pillow.  Then I walk away.  Here is how to do it.

    Step one:  Take her phone without her noticing.  This is best done when she is in the shower.  It is even better if it is before school, because she will get very frustrated if she can’t find it and she doesn’t have time to look.

    Step two:  Put it somewhere where she will not think to look, but is right under her nose.  I like to hide it in places like under her pillow or stuffed animal.

    Step three:  Get out of her room quietly and get busy.  Pretend like nothing is going on.  Even better make a scene about something so she’ll think that you’re just being upset over something stupid, like too much mayonaise on your lunch sandwhich.  This can make mom mad, so be careful, but it is important that your sister never think that you hid her phone.

    Step four:  Do not smile laugh or giggle when she gets mad.  Best is to conitnue to mad about your own problem.  Second best is to be a nice brother and start looking for her phone in the laundry, kitchen living room and bathroom

    Step five:  Decide how mean you want to be.  If you are nice you will offer to call the phone to help her find it.  However if you are mean, you will have turned off the ringer so it won’t ring when you call it.

    At some point in time you may want to become a hero and find the phone for her.  If you do, she may reward you, which is worth serious bonus points.  Your parents will probably call you a good boy too!


    If you can improve this process let me know.  If you have a good story let me know.  Better yet if you have video, we’ll feature it here.